We truly believe that our reliability and loyalty towards originality is heavily reliant on new perspectives every once in a while. For that reason,
we are very honored to have worked with some incredibly talented designers throughout the years. We place high value in these collaborations
as each designer adds their own personal and individual touches to the collections that they design.










The NOVO collection is a beautiful addition to the AYTM universe. The tables, chairs, benches and stools in this collection of furniture creates an aesthetic and stunning setting on every outdoor terrace, while bringing elegance to indoor areas. As garden furniture, NOVO withstands to be placed outside all year long – even when the weather turns cold. 

NOVO is designed by Danish designer Rasmus Falkenberg, who has been working within the field of design since 2001 and has won several awards for his incredible work. The NOVO collection is the winner of the special mention “Excellent Product Design Furniture” in the German Design Awards 2021.








The SEMPER collection, is one of the biggest news in the SS22 collection, designed by the creative blacksmith, Nicklas Bang Christensen. A masculine family of chairs that works with a sharp geometry in a striking contrast to their softness and comfort. A sculptural and new design that draws the eye and occupies the room in which it is placed. SEMPER is the perfect item to place as a piece of art in the corner of your office or in a stylish pair next to the living room table for your guests. The lounge chair is made for leaning back, stopping time for a minute and reflecting on what has been accomplished so far. The dining chairs will surround your dining table in style, radiate pure class and high quality.


Nicklas is known from his appearance on the Danish TV-show “Danmarks næste klassiker”, which brought him great success in furniture design. We are honoured to work with him on the SEMPER collection which is made in Italy and is available in black, cognac and java brown in the finest leather from CAMO Leathers.







The Flores collection is a collaboration with Danish artist Signe Kejlbo. It explores Signe´s fascination with the nature of flowers; their progress, unique surfaces and incredible color combinations. The tulips have been the main inspiration and the end result are colorful and artistic textiles in the form of pillows, throws and a characteristic rug.











The decorative Castellum lamp is inspired by the Danish Church in Bispeberg, Grundtvigskirken. The powder coated steel gives the table lamp a solid finish, representing strength and stability – just like castle gates and church portals. The white plastic profile allows the dimmable LED light inside to shine through. Drawing associations to the sun in the sky as well as the round window by the entrance of Gruntvigskirken, the gold-plated ball functions as the ON/OFF switch. Raising the ball towards the top will increase the light gradually.




Are you interested? 

We are always open towards new ideas and collaborations, so please do not hesitate to
contact us if you are dedicated and interested in a design cooperation with AYTM.