autumn season


Days get shorter and the weather turns colder as autumn softly surrounds us. Still, there is something ever so magical about the autumn season. The time when everything in nature bursts with its last beauty, covering our world with burned colours and mellow winds. A grand finale you might say.

As leaves wander in the crispy breeze and depart for their final destination, we gather in our homes to cover ourselves in blankets and surround ourselves by candles. We embrace the change, and we find warmth in the cold through cozy moments. Autumn is truly the time when we return to the indoors to seek the blissful comfort of our homes once again.
Embrace the autumn season and create cozy moments at home with some of the most ambient pieces from the AYTM collection.

create cozy moments.

Embrace the autumn season and create cozy moments at home with some of the most ambient pieces from the AYTM collection.
The CYCNUS lamps will cast beautiful and intriguing shadows on your walls as you snuggle up in a FLOREO throw. Light candles in the ANGUI candleholder and make guests feel welcome when entering from the cold outside with an UNO lantern in your hallway.
The AYTM collection is filled with items for you to have a cozy autumn.

euphoria collection

Pure Euphoria. An intense feeling of happiness, ease, and well-being. A dreamland of pleasure, in the rush of our daily lives. It is these brief moments of pure euphoria that keep us on our feet. And these moments are all around us if we simply look closely.


They appear in small acts of kindness, in happy moments with our dearest, in creativity, in open minds, and in the inspiration, we experience around us. Our AW21 collection expresses the curiosity within us as we approach a brighter future and the euphoria that it brings.




signe kejlbo


FLOREO by Danish multi-artist Signe Kejlbo is the perfect way to add a splash of something entirely unique to your home. The becoming of this collection is truly a vibrant tribute to Signe’s wonder and curiosity towards life and nature, meant to spark the imagination of the beholder. As a former florist and visual artist, the main inspiration behind her intriguing visual work has grown from her long lasting relationship with flowers, colour, shape, texture and smell. 

FLOREO is an expansion to the FLORES collection and is a beautiful series of rugs, pillows, throws, totebag and mirrors. Each mirror is hand painted by Signe herself – each one unique, but with the same colour schemes and overall moods.

The FLOREO mirrors are limited editions and only available at AYTM’s webshop, which exceptionally represents the uniqueness of these handmade items.