The AYTM universe

Once upon a time in Aarhus, Denmark...

The AYTM story


The story of AYTM begins by the harbor of Aarhus, Denmark. The roots of the brand are tightly anchored in Danish design, but the sole purpose of its existence is to reinvent and challenge design traditions and give interior fashion a new perspective. AYTM designs reflect simplistic shapes and structures of Scandinavian interior classics but stand out with their bold and internationally inspired colours.

Behind the AYTM brand is husband and wife Per and Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen. The original and dedicated values of AYTM are truly an outcome of their shared experiences and ambitions. After spending a few years in Bangladesh, the couple went back to Denmark with a burning dream to design and import quality home accessories.

In 2004, the couple created Gran Living, which delivers a broad range of private label design products to medium and high-end chain stores in Northern Europe. Finally, in 2015 a life-long dream came true for the passionate couple. The creation of their very own interior design brand saw its light of day. AYTM. The name is a wordplay on the word »item«. It is pronounced exactly as such. The logo is a simple and visual fusion of the letters A-Y-T-M.

The art of designing


The heart and soul of AYTM rest in our design department, which is located in our headquarters by the harbour of Aarhus. This is where the entire design journey takes place, right from the first pencil draw to the final renderings. The design process is forever influenced by our burning passion for travelling and exploring new worlds. It is dynamic, joyful and consists of mood boards, colour swatches and creative minds.

Our team of highly dedicated designers work closely together and combine their different backgrounds within industrial, interior and furniture design to create the entity of the AYTM brand. Every design and every collection are the results of unique skills and close collaboration. It’s truly a team effort.




Our designer Charlotte Nøkleby holds a bachelor in Furniture Design. Charlotte has a brilliant creative eye, is technically skilled and is always in tune with the latest interior trends.

Our graphic designer Cecilie Andreasen is responsible for all graphic and creative aspects of the AYTM brand. With a master’s degree in Information Architecture & Persuasive Design, she holds the mind behind the visual style of marketing materials, packaging, labels, catalogue, website and so on.  


We truly believe that our reliability and loyalty towards originality is heavily reliant on new perspectives every once in a while. For that reason, we are very honored to have worked with some incredibly talented designers throughout the years such as Signe Kejlbo, Rasmus Falkenberg and Leise Dich Abrahamsen.

We place high value in these collaborations as each designer adds their own personal and individual touches to the collections that they design.

We are always open towards new ideas and collaborations, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are dedicated and interested in a design cooperation with AYTM.

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Whether you are seeking inspiration for small or large interior design projects, we are always ready and happy to help!

Our Professional Collection is intended to anyone with a passion for unique and original settings.

With extensive experience within curating the best items to create exactly the right interior spaces, we are more than prepared to help choosing the right products from the AYTM collection.