Packaging is an essential part of each of our products. It holds important product information and protect the product during transportation. The vast majority of our packaging is made of FSC® certified cardboard and paper and only few products use a plastic bags. To ensure that our products arrive in good conditions at their destination we often need to secure our products within their packaging. For this we try to use paper structures whenever possible and EPE-foam for our fragile products instead of Styrofoam. This is part of our new packaging design requirements and we are currently working on phasing out all our old and remaining packaging.

To further reduce the environmental impact of our packaging we always try to find a local packaging supplier close to our producers to reduce the need of transportation. Moreover we use perforated folding boxes that are flat packed when being shipped to the producer to use the available space most efficiently and use as little space as possible.

For further information about our standards, quality, and compliance, read our control reports and Smiley Schemes on The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark official website: