The choice of materials has a great impact on the final product. At AYTM, we believe that materials of high quality are one of the key elements to create long lasting products. We always strive to find the best material solution that meets our high standards in both quality and design expression. We seek to use innovative, natural and renewable materials in our products as much as possible. By using natural materials, many of our products become their own unique piece, reflecting nature.



Wood is becoming a more and more important material in our products. We mainly use oak, walnut and ash in our products. In 2021 we started to FSC® certify our wood products, which helps us ensure sustainable forest management in our supply chain.



Leather is a natural byproduct of the meat industry, which we turn into a valuable material to make beautiful furniture pieces. Animal welfare and environmental standards are of a high importance for us and we are glad for our leather supplier who is aware of his responsibility and proactively works with sustainability.



The vast majority of our textiles is made out of cotton. We believe that cotton as a natural material has a much better touch and is breathable in comparison to synthetic materials such as polyester. For us this makes cotton the go-to materials for our upholstery and textiles.



Wool is a material with a long history in furniture and clothing applications. It is natural and renewable and comes with some great material qualities, which we cannot get anywhere else. For us wool is an excellent material for rugs and textiles as it gives them a soft and natural touch, so that you can enjoy your product while feeling safe and secure.

natural filling


We believe that natural materials are always the better choice, thus we only use downs and feather as filling in all our pillows. We are working closely together with our local supplier who complies with all the strict EU rules regarding animal welfare and only uses materials that are a byproduct from the meat production.



Glass is a material that mostly consist of sand. Under high heat, it melts and becomes a semi-liquid mass that is shaped into beautiful pieces of art. Once cooled it can be used as a drinking glass, flower vase, or something totally different. We use the recycled glass to replace some of the input materials and reduce the amount of raw materials needed.



Stoneware and ceramics are some of the oldest materials we know of. At the base of every ceramic is clay composed of minerals and water. If treated with care ceramic products will last a lifetime or longer and is the perfect choice if looking for durability and longevity.



Metals are very strong an durable while being relatively light weight for what they can withstand. They are a perfect material to provide strength and stability to a table or a chair. Moreover, metals have great recycling properties and can be recycled endlessly without any loss of quality.