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SS22 reflection collection

The SS22 collection represents the importance of reflecting through reflections. 



The SS22 collection represents the importance of reflecting through reflections. With a range of new mirror products such as new additions to the CIRCUM, ANGUI and SPECULUM families, you get the opportunity to spend a few moments reflecting on your life in a quite literal sense.

This collection allows you to choose products that invite the soothing feeling of natural materials inside your home. With products such as TERRA flowerpots and storage, together with a wide range of warm earthy colours, you will truly feel connected to nature and can indulge your reflections. 


explore reflection.

The FOLIUM vase is a blooming masterpiece. When viewed from above this stunning vase appears like a leaf, which is the exactly what FOLIUM means and is the inspiration for the design. 

A forever favourite has gotten a new family member in a natural shade of brown. The slim frames and the tinted glass of the CIRCUM mirror constitute a calming effect as you walk past it.

SEMPER lounge chair is the perfect item to place as a piece of art in the corner of your office or in a stylish pair next to the living room table for your guests.

The TORUS family has expanded to include two new flower pots in beautiful earth tones and a unique reflective silver. With their exclusive look, these flower pots make a unique statement in any home.

The ANGUI mirror is a beauty for any bathroom, hallway or even bedroom with its sleek, tubular frame. No matter where you place it, it will reflect your entire self in a beautiful silver-stained glass.