EUPHORIA collection

Dwell into the luxury home interior and timeless designs in the AYTM AW21 collection.

Pure Euphoria 


Euphoria. An intense feeling of happiness, ease, and well-being. A dreamland of pleasure, in the rush of our daily lives. It is these brief moments of pure euphoria that keep us on our feet. And these moments are all around us if we simply look closely. They appear in small acts of kindness, in happy moments with our dearest, in creativity, in open minds, and in the inspiration, we experience around us.

Through a time of chaos and darkness across the entire globe, we are slowly learning to appreciate and acknowledge smaller and less extravagant moments. And as the world begins to blossom once again, we experience a surplus of time, energy, and desire to explore. To invite people and new ideas into our homes. To celebrate and be excited together. The creativity within us is reborn and we are more than ready to renew and rediscover.

Our AW21 collection expresses the curiosity within us as we approach a brighter future and the euphoria that it brings.


We belong in nature


For AYTM, nature is one of the main and most important sources of inspiration in the entire design process. From the first delicate idea to the final product, nature guides us and is the fundamental basis of our collections.

With a wide and expanding range of products encouraging people to spend more time outside, such as the STILLA placemats & coasters, ORA lanterns and NOVO furniture which represent our OUTDOOR collection, we can truly say, that nature is very dear to the AYTM heart.


The award-winning NOVO furniture


The NOVO collection, designed by the award-winning interior designer Rasmus Falkenberg, brings people together and invites families to sit together and create beautiful memories, inside or outside.

With the new NOVO expansion, we wish to add a splash of colour to the world, adding four new sophisticated colour options to the collection. Taupe, Gingerbread, Bordeaux and Forest Green.

NOVO is a part of the OUTDOOR collection, winner of the Special Mention / Excellent Product Design in the category Furniture in the German Design Award 2021 and is perfect for outdoor terraces, inspiring us to be more outside.


The filigree styling of the table looks pleasantly light-weight and timelessly modern. The golden connections are a beautiful detail, which also featured on the chairs and in this way elegantly illustrate the coherence of the series.


Statement of the jury, German Design Awards 2021.



Ora & Stilla


Being outside relaxes us and increases our creativity. It makes us happy and give us all a sense of belonging. AYTM aims to contribute to these significant moments by designing products that make it easier, more convenient and ambient to be more outside, which is why we created ORA & STILLA for our OUTDOOR collection.

The ORA collection is a range of outdoor lanterns, that experiments with light and shadows. As night falls, the edges of the ORA lanterns will cast the light in two directions – a subtle gleam going backwards and a more focused ray shining forward, lighting up paths and terraces. Unlike ordinary lanterns, the ORA collection has been thoroughly developed to treat the light in a new way that creates an atmospheric shadow play, perfect for staging the mood of your home and terrace.

No one is too small to make a difference. The STILLA shape has been a part of AYTM since the very beginning. STILLA means drop in Latin and the collections represents each individual’s ability to stand out and be beautiful in its own singularity despite of size and purpose. STILLA gives design lovers the opportunity to be creative in decorating inside as well as outside. With STILLA coasters & placemats you can create a cozy setting indoors in the kitchen or outside for a spectacular ​summer barbeque.