SEMPER dining chair

Black/Java brown leather - L56,5xW50xH80 CM

Designed by: Nicklas Bang Christensen
SEMPER dining chair and lounge chair are designed by the creative blacksmith, Nicklas Bang Christensen. A sculptural and new design that draws the eye and occupies the room in which it is placed. SEMPER is the perfect item to place as a piece of art in the corner of your office or in a stylish pair next to the living room table for your guests. The dining chairs will surround your dining table in style, radiate pure class and high quality. Nicklas is known from his appearance on the Danish TV-show “Danmarks næste klassiker”, which brought him great success in furniture design. We are honoured to work with him on the SEMPER collection which is made in Italy and is available in black, cognac and java brown in the finest leather from CAMO Leathers.
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Material Seat: 100% Leather
Frame: 100% Steel
Filling: 100% Foam
For our furniture with leather we use the type SIERRA from CAMO leather which is corrected semi-aniline leather. Why does leather need cleaning and care? Leather necessarily requires important care products and moisturizers to retain its attractiveness, its wonderful soft grip, and its naturalness for a long time. Leather cannot regenerate itself and relies on effective care from the outside. It can only absorb these if its pores have been cleaned and any dirt particles removed prior to application. Without regular care, leather quickly loses its attractive appearance, it gets dirty, dries out or its colour loses its intensity. For corrected semi-aniline leather we recommend the KERALUX® Leather Care Set P from LCK, which includes cleaner, care lotion a sponge and a cloth. We recommend using the KERALUX® Soft Cleaner and Care Lotion at least twice a year. N.B. Leather can also be sensitive. Therefore, pretest each product for compatibility on a hidden area! Cleaning Shake bottle well before use. Apply some KERALUX® Soft Cleaner to a soft sponge and cause foam by squeezing it. Never apply directly to the leather. Now clean the leather with light circular movements to remove the dirt. Clean the sponge periodically in lukewarm water. Let the foam soak in briefly on dirtier areas. After cleaning, wipe the leather with a damp cotton cloth. Use distilled water to prevent lime deposits. Always clean the whole area of the leather from seam to seam. Let the leather dry thoroughly. Care Shake bottle well before use. Put some KERALUX® Care Lotion on a soft cloth and rub it in. Apply it to the leather thinly and evenly with light circular movements, always from seam to seam. Never apply KERALUX® Care Lotion directly to the leather. Remove any lotion residues with a soft, clean cotton cloth. A slight colour enhancement after application on leather is quite normal and will fade in time. Important tips on general leather protection Please avoid direct exposure to light. Sunlight and artificial light can fade the colour and dry out the leather. The sun protection in the Care Lotion reduces the effect of UV radiation but cannot shield the leather completely. Never use chemical products or ordinary cleaning products on leather. For daily cleaning of leather, it is recommended vacuuming the furniture carefully using a soft cleaner brush nozzle or wiping the furniture carefully with a soft, clean, dry or wrung cloth. The most important rule for stains: Respond immediately! For beverage stains, absorb the liquid gently with a paper towel. Then clean with KERALUX® Cleaner. Avoid pressure and too intensive rubbing. Leather furniture should be away from heaters at least 30 cm. Heat dries out the leather. Colour intensive clothes (e. g. jeans), pillows, blankets, and such like can discolour leather. Pets, zippers, and sharp objects can damage the leather surface. Please try to avoid contacts with these. objets.
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