TORUS flowerpot

Silver/Taupe - Ø22xH30,6 CM

Designed by: AYTM
We all feel the need to be part of something. It is part of being human. Alone we are perfect, but only in combination with those we love, we get a sense of who we really are. The TORUS flower pot symbolizes just that, as it is a composition of two parts. Each part is beautifully shaped, but only together do they reveal their purpose. With their exclusive look, these flower pots make a unique statement in any home. The flower pots support plants in the most graceful way and the design is made to give your plants the best growing conditions. When you water your plants in a TORUS flower pot, the base acts as a trivet for excess water.
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Material Top: 100% Steel
Base: 100% Iron
Pallet delivery No