STILLA clock

Black - L16xW4xH15,8 CM

Designed by: AYTM
The shape of STILLA firmly ads an instant drop of iconic design to any room in your home. The STILLA clock is a decorative interior piece that elegantly tells the time with its golden dial. The unique drop shape provides a luxurious and timeless table clock that will become your favorite décor in no time. The clock comes in different shades of beautiful marble, where the STILLA clock in travertine combines nature in a sculptural and organic form – and with travertine stone as a natural material that varies in expression, you are in for a truly unique treat. The natural formation of the travertine material is beautifully imitated in the STILLA clock as shown in the earth-colored tones and speleothem shape known from stalactite caves.
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Material Clock: 100% Marble
Deco: 100% Brass
Details Battery is hidden behind a lacquered wooden board
Pallet delivery No