GLOBE hanging flowerpot

Taupe/Gold - Ø21xH32 CM

Designed by: AYTM
The symbiosis of circles represents balance and stability. This is what makes GLOBE a signature item as it carries our goals of balancing our Danish roots with an international expression - and by that, it resembles the heart and soul of our AYTM brand. GLOBE comes from the Latin word Globus, which we associate with Planet Earth and Mother Nature – making GLOBE the perfect interior element to welcome nature inside your home. Hanging plants are a sculptural way of using nature as decorative elements for your home. In its signature shape and classic colour, and with its beautiful golden details, the GLOBE hanging flowerpot gives your plants a sophisticated lift with an exclusive finish. We recommend using fishing line for hanging and styling, as it creates a gorgeous floating illusion of the flowerpot, which is ideal for flowers in the living room or with fresh herbs in the kitchen.
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Material Flowerpot: 100% Aluminium
Hook: 100% Stainless steel
Pallet delivery No