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In most homes mirrors are functional, practical and decorative. They are perfect for creating an eye-catcher in the décor and can be used in many different ways. You can hang them on the wall, but our mirrors also look endlessly cool standing on the floor with the right size and volume to do so.

With our mirrors you have opportunities to put together your own mix of mirrors and create your own original look and pieces of wall art. Mirrors reflect the world around them. They reflect you and they reflect your personal style. Our selection of mirrors is characterized by their unique appearance, playful detail, and the opportunity to make bold statements when added to your interior.

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A verto transformation


The tribute to light has been playfully integrated in the new VERTO mirror. VERTO means transformation, which is exactly the entire essence of this item.

The VERTO mirror challenges the perception of the viewer as the reflection elegantly transforms when you pass by it. Its colourful rainbow effect will brighten up your place with ease.

During darker times it creates a lively atmosphere, colourful like the falling leaves during fall and yet in sharp contrast to the transformation of the landscape from the colourful autumn into a scenery of winter and darker times.