Our collection of mirrors gives the opportunity to mix and match original expressions that flawlessly are turned in to pieces
of extraordinary wall art.  Mirrors reflect the world around them – and they reflect us and our personal style.

mirrors for any room


The ANGUI floor mirror is both impactful and practical. The elegant oval shape of the frame is solidly placed on a marble base, which creates a functional, stable and decorative item all at once. The mirror has a small shelf for all those little things you need a place for. The ANGUI floor mirror is both a functional and decorative piece of beauty for any room.

ANGUI wall mirror, with its simple pipe styled frame, is a beauty for any bathroom, hallway or bedroom. Use a single one, or add several together, to enhance your personal style when you charmingly place your mirror on the wall. The ANGUI wall mirror exists in five beautiful colour frames and two different sizes.



decorate with mirrors


In most homes, mirrors are functional, practical and decorative. They are perfect for creating an eye-catcher in the décor and can be used in many different ways. With our collection of mirrors you hang them on the wall or place them on the floor for an endlessly cool and flawless look.


circum mirror


The CIRCUM mirrors are an elegant addition to your home and with its slim frames and tinted glass, CIRCUM is also perfect for dramatic effects. With time, more CIRCUM mirror have been designed and added to the AYTM collection – now existing in five different combinations of glass and frames in four different sizes.

Decorate with a single CIRCUM mirror or combine with several mirrors in different sizes, glass and frame-colour to define your own personal style. Regardless of whether you choose a CIRCUM mirror for decoration or for function – we assure that you will find a mirror just for you.