Turn all the lights on with our decorative and beautiful collection of lamps.

Blinded by
the lights


We provid functional lighting options and you will get lamps in the best materials and in a high quality, so you can have your lamps for many years. With different sizes and colors in ceramic and crystal, and with their timeless style, you will be sure to find one that suit your personality.

With our lamps you can create the perfect expressions adding a cozy atmosphere to every room. With our different designs, you will get different functionalities, whether it’s as a decorative sculptural or classic, timeless and sustainable piece – we got it all

Lighting is essential. Common for all our lamps is the mix between classic designs and futuristic touches as well as the unique sensations they create when added to a room. Each design is made to make a statement and our collection of lighting gives you the opportunity to make a statement of your own!

A world of decorative lamps and lighting options


a simple and subtle design


Our beloved and elegant LUCEO portable lamp, inspired by the ancient roman aqueducts, is the perfect forever piece that is easy for you to carry around in any room and gives that cozy ambiance both inside and outside.

The combination of mild steel and glass creates a beautiful lamp in black or white colours that truly represents functionality and beauty. With its simple, subtle and timeless exterior, this portable lamp easily fits with other design expressions making it a sustainable and long-lasting relation for your home.