Tune into our collection of wonderful and luxurious furniture.

Furniture for any household 


Our collection of furniture is suitable for any household with various items for both indoor and outdoor sceneries. The collection is a wonderful mix of tables and chairs for your dining room, clothing racks for your entrance, furniture settings for your terrace and shelves in all shapes and sizes for any room in your home.

We find joy and pride in the art of combining. Each of our designs are the result of unique and carefully designed combinations. Combinations of art and functionality. Minimalistic outlines and sculptural details. Soft shapes and bold colours. Audacious materials and classic undertones. We are currently expanding our selection of furniture. Stay tuned!

Get your Movement on with MOVEO


Interior is what we make of it. It can be practical. It can be beautiful. It can be useful. And it can even be art. The MOVEO coat rack is much more than merely a practicality. MOVEO means, as the name indicates, movement, which is truly and exactly what this item does – bring movement to otherwise still walls.

The expression of the MOVEO coat rack is all about movement. This item appears as small waves rolling and moving along the wall, just like waves gracefully frames the seashores all over the world.

The MOVEO coat rack really pays attention to detail, which is also the case with the VESTIS hanger. VESTIS is means clothes, which is the epitome of the items function, as you use the hanger to hang your clothes on. This attention to detail in both the MOVEO coat rack and VESTIS hanger is what makes all the difference in a home.

Play inside and
outside with NOVO 


The NOVO collection, by award-winning
interior designer Rasmus Falkenberg,
brings people together and invites us
to sit together and create beautiful
memories, inside or outside.

The black and rough surface against
the shiny golden details constitute a
sophisticated contrast. For a more
timeless and unique look, the furniture
is also available with black detailing
and various colour options.

The NOVO furniture is a part of our
OUTDOOR collection and is an
addition to the AYTM universe,
that is perfect for outdoor terraces
and sceneries, inspiring us to be more outside.