Each of our designs are the result of unique and carefully designed combinations. Combinations of art and functionality. Minimalistic outlines and
sculptural details. Soft shapes and bold colours. Audacious materials and classic undertones. All of this can be found in our collections of wonderful furniture.



Let the curves of the ANGUI collection wrap around and dominate your space. The shapes of ANGUI are created to playfully experiment with the organic and graceful movements of a snake. The soft outlines effortlessly sparks up the atmosphere in a room with its uniqueness – just like a snake effortlessly passes through any terrain.

The collection consists of a beautiful range of benches, chairs and bar chairs, where each of these seating options will enhance and contribute to your own personal style. The variety of colours and sizes further ensure multiple options of use and styling, whether you wish for new dining chairs, a hallway bench or other magnificent settings for your home.





Did you know that ANGUI consists of various family members? Besides seating options, you can also style and combine your home with either ANGUI clothes rack, floor mirrors or other beautiful items. The ANGUI collection is designed to be both functional and decorative – suitable for any household.




SESSIO means seat, which solely sums up the humble purpose of this pouf. Reminding and inviting us to stop and be present in the moment. SESSIO is a simple pouf in luxurious materials that fits easily in a hallway on its own or in combination with a small side table. Take a seat, get together, celebrate and be present.

In harmony with SESSIO tray and CURVA table, the perfect match arises. By combining both tray and table to your pouf, a beautiful setting displays in your home.